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If one-size-fits-all training doesn’t fit your needs, you can count on the instructional design professionals at Communication by Design (CbD) to create custom training that’s a perfect fit for your people and your company.

The “by design” in our name—Communication by Design—means something.

Custom Writing Seminar

It means that your training program is original, custom-tailored to your unique needs, designed just for you. Maybe it’s a hard-hitting seminar, an e-learning module, a video, a mobile learning app, or structured on-the-job demonstrations.

Your inputs …

  • Your unique training audience
  • Your proprietary content
  • The skills and knowledge your people must master
  • The urgency
  • The training technologies available within your budget

e-Learning Curriculum

… are the factors that that drive our design recommendations.

It’s All about You

It really is all about you, as you’ll see below:

Custom Media & Exercises

You may be using some commercial courseware that mostly fits your organization. But the generic content in many commercial courses leaves trainees wondering, “And what does this have to do with me?”

By adding custom exercises and examples to the “canned” instruction, you can transform your off-the-shelf course from irrelevant to invaluable.

For example, an original video shot inside your own facilities, with characters using your industry terminology, depicts a scenario that your people recognize instantly: “Hey, they’re talking about my job!”

Custom training speaks directly to your employees through:

  • Credible case studies
  • Familiar role plays
  • Exercises just like the tasks they completed yesterday

Employees “get it” faster and more accurately when the training “stories” reflect their real world …

… and they return to that world primed and ready to practice the skills that they just learned.

Learning Transfer & Skills Application

Studies reveal that as much as 85% of classroom learning is never applied to workplace tasks. Unacceptable.

And unnecessary since thoughtful instructional design and intentional follow-through can virtually ensure learning transfer from the classroom to the workplace.

The application tool may be as simple as a pocket-sized job aid or a digital checklist to help employees use their newfound knowledge.

Or employees might leave the classroom with a follow-on assignment, which their supervisors monitor and review with them.

Or, through an online forum, they check in with their training peers, exchange success stories, and ask for advice.

Another option involves CbD coaches supporting trainees’ real-time skills application via mobile devices.

One final suggestion: Trainees might re-convene after a month, three months, or six months for virtual or actual application clinics.

Training Audit

Video-Based Physician Seminar


If you’ve inherited a hodgepodge of courses from previous management … if you’re struggling to identify overlapping or conflicting content in your training library … Communication by Design brings an objective perspective and discerning eye.

We can quickly audit and inventory your resources, then cull the curriculum, separating the gems from the hopelessly inadequate.

Conversion, Update & Expansion

Many companies are converting instructor-led seminars to e-learning or blended learning experiences. Would your organization gain efficiencies by making this transition?

Maybe your existing training content is solid and just needs an update.

Perhaps you need an addendum to a training program, to accommodate new information on the topic.

Communication by Design can help you maximize the value of your current resources and protect the investment you’ve already made.

Organization Development

What does it takes to be a top salesperson, manager, customer service associate, or technician in your company?

If you’re not quite sure, Communication by Design can help you isolate the knowledge, skills, and attributes of your top performers and build the competency models you need, complete with realistic profiles of your ideal performer in each position or function.

Click here for more information about CbD’s Organization Development services and successes.