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When you need to get members of your organization “on the same page” …

If you need to standardize policies, procedures, or performance expectations across divisions or sectors …

After a merger or acquisition …

When organizational structures are barriers to your people achieving their objectives …

In these situations, an Organization Development (OD) initiative is often your best approach.

OD Intervention

Organization development initiatives enhance the effectiveness of your organization by modifying or implementing processes or structures that improve the performance of individuals and groups within your organization, and ultimately the performance of your entire enterprise.

OD interventions may involve strategic planning, organization design, performance management, competency modeling, leadership development, coaching, change management, diversity, and work-life balance.

Your OD efforts succeed when they are well planned and supported by top management. Communication by Design OD specialists often work hand-in-hand with your Training and Development professionals and Human Resources management.

Communication by Design stands ready to help you analyze, design, and plan the OD interventions your organization and operations require.


What if you are launching a new company?

Your organization needs functional structures and logical, efficient processes. You need a clear mission statement and policies for everything from vendor qualifications and product shipping to payroll and performance reviews.

Communication by Design, armed with insightful questions, objectivity, media savvy, and decades of experience, is eager to assist your startup.