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Practice Profiling Comes to the VHA

Introducing new systems and protocols is never easy, especially in traditional and highly regulated organizations.

The course “Practice Profiling: A Tool for Performance Improvement” introduced hospital personnel to a strategic process that would revolutionize the way the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) operates nationwide.

Program requirements:

  • Credible video vignettes
  • Time-efficient training delivery
  • Flexible program administration
  • Establishment of realistic expectations
  • Adherence to change management best practices

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Communication by Design (CbD) created a short video-based course.  Set in a real hospital, the video featured believable characters reacting to the advent of Practice Profiling. Take a look at the training video.

Because the video honestly anticipated possible resistance to the new process, it grabbed their attention. Because it acknowledged real implementation challenges, it gained their respect. Finally, because it modeled acceptance, it accelerated adoption of Practice Profiling among VA physicians.

To accommodate the VHA’s need for  maximum administrative flexibility, CbD created instructional materials that gave hospital administrators and physicians multiple delivery options:

  • Video
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Manual
  • Brochure